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As per the approval of Hon'ble Executive Chairman, National Legal Services Authority and pursuant to the instructions of the Hon'ble Patron-in-Chief and the Hon'ble Executive Chairperson, Telangana State Legal Services Authority, National Lok Adalats are being organized once in two months during year, 2018 i.e.10-02-2018, 22-04-2018,14-07-2018, 08-09-2018 and 08-12-2018 for settlement of all Civil Cases and Compoundable Criminal Cases pending and pre-litigation stage. The following types of cases (Pre-litigation and Pending) may be taken up for settlement in the aforesaid National Lok Adalat: Pre-litigation (1) NI Act cases under Section 138, (2) Bank Recovery case, (3) Labour Disputes (4) Electricity and Water Bills (excluding non compoundable) (5) Others (Criminal Compoundable, Matrimonial and other Civil disputes please specify) Pending in the Courts (which are reflected on National Judicial Data Grid) (1) Criminal Compoundable cases (2) NI Act cases under Section 138, (3) Bank Recovery case, (4) Labour Disputes (5) MACT Cases (6) Electricity and Water Bills (excluding non compoundable) (7) Matrimonial disputes (8) Land Acquisition cases (9) Service matters relating to pay and allowances and retrial benefits (10) Revenue cases (pending in District Courts and High Courts only) (11) Others ( rent, easmentary rights, injunction suits, specific performance suits) etc. (please specify the category Under the guidance of Hon'ble Chairman, High Court Legal Services Committee, High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad the National Lok Adalat is being organized by the High Court Legal Services Committee also. All the Chairmen and the Secretaries of District Legal Services Authorities, Chairmen of Mandal Legal Services Committees , Judicial Officers, Advocates, litigant public are hereby requested to participate in the Lok Adalat and get as many cases as possible settled amicably in the National Lok Adalats and make it a grand success.

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